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Our Background and Mission

We are a new company established in Switzerland and whose mission is to provide services and solutions to other biotechnology companies in the health sector. We have assembled a portfolio of ground-breaking technologies that we are conviced have the potential to be disruptive (and we do not take lightly the use of this term here...), and which we would like to develop further in order to ensure their applicability for the treatment of a panoply of ailments and diseases, including but not limited to, acute leukemias and prostate metastatic cancer.


Our founding members are themselves scientists with expertise in hematopoietic stem cell biology, who have a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We have a assembled a core team that reflects the values and ambitions of its founding members, both from the business and science perspectives.


We are looking forward to build strong partnerships with biotech industry stakeholders, academic institutions and healthcare providers, to disseminate our technologies for the betterment of mankind.


Chemistry Class


Founder & CEO

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